The Rainaldi Quartet  - Paul Adam

I'm going to just stick with quick reviews for this sight. I'll do more thought out reviews on my actual book blog. But here, all you guys will get is pros and cons.


Castiglione and Guastafeste series Book 1: The Rainaldi Quartet by Paul Adam

Published: 2006

Category: Adult

Genre: Detective Mystery

Pages: 320

Quick Premise: Two old friends team up to solve the murder of a friend in their classical music band.


Pros: Likable main characters. A bit dull, but likable.

Well researched music history. For those of us that like this sort of thing ;is guilty;

Fast read.

Not badly written. Not great. But I've read worse.


Cons: Can be dull at times.

So. Many. Info dumps. 

Not really much to set it apart from the thousands of thrillers out there. 


Verdict: Good library read only


Also, bless this site for letting us use half star ratings. Don't need it now, but I'm sure I will in the future.